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Brief Introduction to Valve Actuator Construction

Time:2019-09-24 15:13:30 |

Valve actuator is the general equipment of automatic chemical plant. It is equivalent to human hand and foot in automatic production system. Why do you say so? This is because it not only accepts the control signal of the regulator and changes the operation variables, but also enables the automation system to operate normally as required.

We know that valve actuators are composed of actuators and regulators. What is the executive body? Actuator is a device that can generate thrust or relative displacement with more control signals. Simply speaking, it is like our decision-making ability, but the decision-making ability of machinery is more decisive. So what is the regulator? Regulating mechanism is to change the input and output of material according to the transmission signal. Speaking in a clearer way is like a regulator valve on the market, which has the function of regulation.

At present, the sales of valve actuators are very good, which is also due to the rise of many automation manufacturers in China, which not only makes more and more orders for valve actuators, but also makes the GDP of some areas soar. It can be seen that the combination of industry and economy is very breakthrough. It also reflects that most of the valve actuator manufacturers in China pay more attention to the quality of products while they are technologically advanced.


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