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How to Select Valve Actuator and Its Importance

Time:2019-09-24 14:59:37 |

Valve actuator is a very important equipment in the current industry. It has another popular name called electric actuator, which plays an important role in some fluid control industries. Compared with the modern industry, valve actuators have a clear distinction between the instrument industry and the valve industry, but we basically call them as electric actuators, because no matter what kind of actuators, their role in industrial braking is self-evident.

So at present, according to the numerous valve actuator products on the market, how should we choose? Following is a brief introduction of several types of actuators to facilitate your future selection. After all, it will be the mainstream product for the development of industrial automation control in today's and even in the future.

Consideration Points of Electric Actuator Selection

First, according to the type of valve, there are many kinds of electric actuator valves, and their working principles are different. Generally, the opening and closing control is realized by rotating the angle of the valve plate and lifting the valve plate. When matching with the electric actuator, the electric actuator should be selected according to the type of the valve first.

1. The movement of the output shaft of the straight-stroke electric actuator (linear motion) is linear motion, not rotation.

2. The rotation of output shaft of multi-turn electric actuator (angle > 360 degrees) is greater than one week, that is, more than 360 degrees. Generally, multi-turn is needed to control the opening and closing process of the valve.

3. Angle stroke electric actuator (angle < 360 degrees) The rotation of output shaft of electric actuator is less than one week, that is, less than 360 degrees, usually 90 degrees to realize the control of valve opening and closing process.

2. According to the requirements of production process control, the control mode of electric actuator is determined. The control mode of electric actuator is generally divided into switching type (open-loop control) and adjusting type (closed-loop control).

Third, there are also:

Base crank type: refers to the output shaft through the crank and stem connection form.

Direct connection type: refers to the installation form of direct connection between the output shaft of electric actuator and the valve stem.

There are many types of valve actuators. Electric actuators of different types and functions can be called electric valves when they are matched with valves. These electric actuators are suitable for butterfly valves, ball valves, cock valves, etc. However, in the process of design and selection, only the parameters of the valve are ignored or the relevant requirements of the electric actuator are not specified. This will not only make the electric valve not play its best performance, but also bring unnecessary troubles in the process of installation, commissioning and use, and even cause serious consequences to production.

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